Bambu Resort

My partner and I have recently opened a unique new holiday facility for the lesbian community and we’d love to have a link from your website. We own and run a self-catering ‘resort’ exclusively for lesbians in rural Andalucia. As far as we can tell there is only one other such place in Spain and virtually nothing anywhere else in Europe outside of the UK. There are many more establishments for gay men, but almost nothing for women. What we offer is an opportunity for lesbians to fully relax and be themselves whilst on holiday – and at the same time we are located in a beautiful part of the world, fabulous for exploring the Andalucian coastline, mountain villages and some major Spanish cities.

The web link is:

And a short description of our service would be:

Nestled amongst avocado, mango and bamboo groves … is Bambú … a Spanish boutique resort for lesbians.
Enjoy … breath-taking views; spectacular mountain and coastal scenery; complete seclusion, privacy and relaxation; extensive and attractively landscaped terraces; stunning pool; perfect location for exploring the coast, mountain villages and historic cities; quality self-catering accommodation; and the company of other travellers like you. A first class holiday choice for the discerning lesbian traveller.

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