Gay Club Scene ‘Suffering’ From Growth Of Free Online Dating Sites

There have been many reports that the gay club scene across the UK is ‘suffering’ due to the growth of social networking and free online dating websites.
Claims argue that fewer gay and lesbian people are meeting their soul mates via gay venues and instead are opting for online socialising. However popular online dating sites are though, this does not affect the entertainment and leisure industry.
Free dating sites have many advantages for Brits in that they are quick, convenient, easy-to-use and cost effective. Ultimately, they provide all daters whether gay or straight the opportunity to find their soul mate much more simply than going for drinks or a meal. But this doesn’t mean that the club scene will fall silent.

Cafes and bars will always be in demand for after the e-relationship has developed. More people are encountering a date virtually but after time should they want to meet in person, they then meet in these clubs to socialise openly.
The once-thriving gay scene may be suffering like all other business due to the economic recession but to put the blame solely on dating websites is unfair. Issues such as rising property rents and tight money budgets are also responsible for fewer people partying.
Gay venues will always be crucial to provide a safe space for gay and lesbian people to enjoy each other’s company but modern dating habits have evolved and it is now the norm to find a loved-one initially online.
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3 Responses to “Gay Club Scene ‘Suffering’ From Growth Of Free Online Dating Sites”

  1. I agree.. a typical les/bisx woman create free profiles across an avergar 5 or more dating websites and social network sites per person. There is no cost to create a profile. With the vast amount of online opportunities. In the current economic climate – it is far cheaper to search for friends and potential partner online than through expensive and rip off gay venues offline where the choice of women do not meet our expectations.
    I spent 12 months attending the gay scene and it was just a disappointment,most of the time – wine bars are turned into night clubs with organisers ripping us off all the time by charging us an entrance fee .Wine and soft drinks are watered down and cost 50% of the entrance fees, the DJs are usually crap and 2nd rate.The organisers are rip off merchants.
    I stick to online dating website and social networks sites from now on. P.S. No to £25-£40 entrance fee at some offline club venues? forget valentine or New’s Day ? But why ? Yes – to online dating/social network

  2. any means is good if you find a soul mate
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  3. I don’t know what’s happened to gay clubs, i’ve never been to one but, I can tell you that it’s painfully difficult to find one that a sixteen year old can have easy access to.Most are miles away in some strange town or city where night life is dangerouse.

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